Humble BeginningĀ 

Viva Las Arepas like any other family-owned restaurant has a humble beginning, and ours started with a cart in a parking lot. There were no adversities that we did not face, as the weather changed from 100 plus degree weather, to an average 30 degree winter cold, and that does not include all of the windstorms that happened from time to time. Nevertheless, Viva Las Arepas prevailed for almost two years and we finally were able to move down to a storefront at 1616 Las Vegas Blvd.


There is no greater proof that persistence and hard work are the two main ingredients for success, we experienced it firsthand. Now with our acclaimed success we can keep delivering the flavors of Venezuela to all the people who come visit our restaurant.

Keep Improving

We at Viva Las Arepas value customer satisfaction above everything else, and so that is why we try to keep improving our business one step at a time; such as adding stuff to our menu, or accommodating the needs of our customers to the best of our abilities, or most recently adding a redesigned website so anyone canĀ Order Online.